Engagement Sessions

I consider Engagement Sessions to be a crucial part of getting to know my clients and to being able to consolidate our working relationship. So much so that all of my wedding packages include an Engagement Session!

Another reason for offering this photo session as part of my services is that I simply cannot imagine arriving for your big day without knowing how you both interact in front of the camera... Every couple's chemistry is very different, and I like to get to know the dynamics of this chemistry before the wedding day as this allows me to make the best use of our time by knowing beforehand what works for you!

Finally, and just as important, is that I am yet to meet a couple where both clients feel 100% at ease being photographed - The engagement session normally starts as a bit of a nerve-wrecking experience for at least one of you, if not both, but I am very proud to say that by the end of it all my couples say how enjoyable it all was!

Engagement Sessions can be very reassuring and this will, most definitely, eliminate any worries you may have about being in front of the camera on your wedding day...

Below are some examples of recent engagement sessions!